End Malaria Councils & Funds commemorate a multisectoral World Malaria Day

Countries across the region continue to work on establishing national End Malaria Councils and Funds. These innovative forums convene senior leaders from across all sectors—government, the private sector, and civil society—to advocate for malaria to remain high on the national development agenda, mobilise action and resources to close gaps in national malaria strategies, and drive accountability for achieving national targets. To date, these Councils and Funds have mobilised more then $23 million USD in financial and in-kind support for national malaria programmes with contributions increasing significantly year-on-year.

Eswatini’s EMF supports launch of national Malaria Youth Army

Eswatini’s End Malaria Fund hosted the national World Malaria Day commemoration in partnership with the Ministry of Health. This event was attended by business leaders, malaria experts, youth leaders, and the National Malaria Programme. During the event, the National Malaria Programme delivered a detailed update on the status of malaria and the interventions planned to eliminate malaria in the Kingdom. The Honourable Minister of Health Lizzi Nkosi delivered the keynote address, during which she announced the launch of the national Malaria Youth Army, which will be supported by the Ministry of Health and the End Malaria Fund.

Guinea becomes 10th African country to announce an EMC

On World Malaria Day 2022, the Honourable Minister of Health from the Republic of Guinea announced plans to establish a national End Malaria Council. Guinea is the tenth country to formally announce or launch and End Malaria Council. This country-led initiative, which has been supported by ALMA, has been developed with record speed demonstrating strong political will. Once launched, the Council will support the National Malaria Control Programme to develop new partnerships with private sector companies, government agencies, and civil society organisations.

Kenya’s EMC signs MOU with SC Johnson

Over the past 6 months, Kenya’s End Malaria Council has met with executives from SC Johnson, the US-based manufacturer. Following extensive consultations, the Council and SC Johnson announced that they had signed a 5-year Memorandum of Understanding to support the fight against malaria in Kenya. This partnership includes increased funding for social and behavioural change communications, vector control, and promotion of local manufacturing for malaria and other health commodities. Up first will be the launch of a trial for drone-based larvaciding in high-burden districts.

Mozambique private sector coalition announces $7 million USD in fight against malaria

Mozambique’s Fundo da Malaria, in partnership with Goodbye Malaria, hosted a donor conference on 25 April 2022 to recognise and announce $7 million USD in private sector contributions. These included $4.8 million USD from Kenmare to support 3-years of community-based malaria control projects; $300,000 USD from Anje to support distribution of LLINs; $300,000 from ExxonMobile to support community mobilisation and sensitisation; $1.2 million from Vodacom; and $400,000 from Total towards protecting children in the area around Palma. These contributions will flow either through the Tchau Tchau Malaria Foundation or the End Malaria Fund.

During the donor conference, the Right Honourable Prime Minister, Adriano Afonso Maleiane, Sherwin Charles from Goodbye Malaria, and senior executives from Vodacom and other companies delivered powerful commitments to ending malaria in Mozambique, which is one of the highest-burden countries in the world.

Also during the event, Gabriel Junior, Senior Advisor to the Fundo da Malaria and Member of Parliament, and several other parliamentarians announced the creation of a parliamentary forum to end malaria. During the most recent malaria season, parliamentarians recorded malaria-related messages as part of the “Zero Malaria Comeca Comigo” communications campaign. This network of parliamentarians will advocate for malaria to remain a national priority, support an increase in funding, and sensitise their peers to become malaria champions with their constituencies.

Ugandans ride for malaria control

Malaria Free Uganda, the country’s End Malaria Council, hosted a series of events throughout the month leading up to World Malaria Day. At the end of March, the Fund jointly launched the Zero Malaria Business Leadership Initiative (ZMBLI) in partnership with Speak Up Africa and Ecobank, which has joined the Fund’s Board of Directors. To support ZMBLI, Ecobank has pledged $100,000 USD in matching fund to support private sector resource mobilisation. Following the launch of ZMBLI, Malaria Free Uganda hosted an event with Plascon Paints as part of a private sector-led initiative.

Facing upsurges in malaria cases from increased rainfall, Gov. Ken Mugisha (Chair) and Dr. Jimmy Opigo (NMCD Programme Manager) participated in an hour-long morning programme on national TV to raise the visibility of malaria. During this programme, they encouraged Ugandans to sleep under mosquito nets, to seek testing and treatment if they are sick, and called on all stakeholders to support the fight against malaria.

Finally, Uganda celebrated World Malaria Day with its second-annual bike race to end malaria. Despite rain, hundreds of riders participated along with members of Malaria Free Uganda, the Malaria Rotarian Partners, and the Ministry of Health.

Zambia’s EMC engages private sector and pledges to support construction of a health facility

In Zambia, the End Malaria Council & Fund convened more than 50 private sector business leaders to discuss the need to control and eliminate malaria in the Republic. Malaria continues to not only overburden the health system, but is also a leading cause of worker absenteeism. Previous estimates suggested that malaria reduces the annual economic output of the country by the equivalent of 50,000 workers per year. On 22 April 2022, the Zambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a member of the End Malaria Council, organised a cocktail reception with leading executives. During this reception, the National Malaria Elimination Centre presented on the status of malaria control and elimination and called on businesses to join the fight against malaria.

Members of the End Malaria Council also participated in the national World Malaria Day celebration on 25 April 2022. This included His Royal Highness Chief Dr. Mumena, the Rt. Rev. Bishop David Njovu, and representatives of First Quantum Minerals. During the event, the Honourable Minister of Health graciously thanked the End Malaria Council for its contributions to the fight against malaria and appealed to those in attendance to support the construction of a new district hospital for in Kalumbila.

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