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Video: Efforts made to eradicate malaria from the African continent

Under President Kenyatta’s leadership, African Union member states have made significant progress in the fight against malaria with 40 members states implementing national and subnational malaria scorecards in the past two years.

Guinea malaria scorecard overview

The Guinea malaria scorecard was developed from 3 to 16 September 2017 by the Minister of Health and Public Hygiene with support from partners.

Video: Engaging parliamentarians in the fight against malaria with the malaria scorecard tool in Tanzania

A video showcasing how Tanzania has used the malaria scorecard to empower MPs to use data.

Zambia malaria scorecard: Luapula Province case study

How the workplan tool helped Luapula improve partner coordination and alignment of malaria activities.

Burundi RMNCAH scorecard tool overview

Scorecard developed by the Ministry of Public Health in 2014. Partners include ALMA, ABUSAFE, Pathfinder International, PSI, UNFPA, UNICEF, USAID and WHO.

How the inclusion of a new indicator in the ALMA scorecard has led to galvanized action in the fight to eliminate NTDs in Africa

In 2017, African leaders requested the inclusion of an NTD indicator in the ALMA Scorecard for Accountability and Action.

Use of country scorecard tools for accountability and action to accelerate the elimination of NTDs in Africa

National NTD scorecards are country-owned tools which use existing data to track the performance of priority indicators, selected based on country NTD strategic plans, disease burden and availability of reliable data sources providing routinely updated data.

How the scorecard tool has helped mobilise resources for NTDs in Congo

Congo was the second country in Africa to develop a scorecard management tool to track progress towards the country’s NTD elimination target.

Rwanda malaria and NTD scorecard management tool

Rwanda is one of the African countries that have shown tremendous progress toward the pre-elimination of malaria and control of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs).

Malawi neglected tropical diseases (NTD) scorecard tool overview

The Malawi Ministry of Health developed the country’s first NTD scorecard tool for accountability and action in April 2019.