Strengthen an existing scorecard

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About this course

This course explores several different approaches you can use to strengthen an existing scorecard management tool.

What you will learn

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • use the scorecard maturity framework to help you identify how you can improve your scorecard management tool
  • create a community scorecard tool
  • share your share your scorecard and engage high-level decision makers
  • use advanced features of the scorecard web platform (such as the action tracker and workplan manager)

Course Content

. Introduction to ALMA and the scorecard maturity framework

Introduction to the African Leaders Malaria Alliance

Scorecard maturity framework overview

. Create a community scorecard tool

Community scorecard tool overview

Implement a community scorecard tool

. Select indicators, monitor underperforming indicators and create actions to respond to underperforming indicators

Select and revise indicators, thresholds and waves

Analyse a scorecard to identify underperforming indicators

How to use scorecard data for action

Integrate a scorecard into accountability structures, establish roles and responsibilities

. Share your scorecard tool and high level engagement

Share your scorecard with high-level decision makers, programme staff, community members and partners

Use the scorecard for high level engagement

. Use advanced features of the scorecard web platform

Introduction to the Action Tracker

Introduction to the Workplan Manager

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